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components matches

Hello there, I need help redefining my system. A couple of years ago, and after reading your suggestions, I decided this was the system I wanted to get:
Bryston 4B SST power amp
Magnepan 3.6
Preamp Cary Audio SLP 98P
Rega Saturn cd player
Marantz BD 8002 blu ray

I bought the Bryston amp and a Oppo 83 Blu Ray instead of the marantz and rega saturn(much cheaper, and I'm not sure if its not as good as the marantz and/or rega). Right now I am thinking in getting the Magnepan 1.7 instead of the 3.6 (or 3.7) also for budget reasons.
My question is, is there any risk of connecting the amp to these 1.7 speakers because of power issues? Can they blow up? What considerations should I have in order to take care of the system?

I am still thinking on the Cary Audio Preamp. Does it matter if I change the speakers to the 1.7? Is it still a good match.
What other options should I evaluate?

Also, I found that the Oppo 83 Blu ray doesnt read European dvds. I have a bunch of other region's dvds and blu rays. Any advice on what would be a nice multiregion blu ray player for watching concerts?

Thank you again for your support, and I really wish I understood better how these components work. Is there a book you can recommend me to start understanding sound and systems?


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I would not get the Magnepan 1.7

but would get a used pair of 1.6s and have them modified with Magnestands by Peter Gunn. Read about it here:
Particularly interesting is the assessment of the new 1.7s.

It is rare that one can give Magnepans too much power, the Bryston would be fine.

I would check with OPPO to see if there might be a firmware update that would address the European DVD playback issue.

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