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Comparison question: Music Hall cd player C-DAC 15.3 versus Marantz CD6004

Comparison question: Music Hall cd player C-DAC 15.3 versus Marantz CD6004

First I thank this forum for any input on this subject. I am replacing my well maintained Carver MV-5 cd player (which I have truly enjoyed for many years, good thorough sound, BiDac converters and the DTL feature), anyway – with either of the two CD Players above. Both are retailing for around $400-$540.

Long gone are the days of large audio-centric stores that have merchandise to listen to, so I have not heard either of the two cd players, the Music Hall 15.3 and the Marantz CD 6004 and hope to get some input on the differences, pros or cons of each, what to expect from these units in terms of sound from this forum. I have read great reviews about both and I understand the Music Hall features the Burr Brown converters.

I’m listening to a great album such as Brother from the Black Keys, indie rock like Arcade Fire which has a lot of various instrumentation across the tonal scale, some occasional classic rock – Neil Young, but also a lot of classic hard jazz; Coltrane, Monk, Smith, Lee Morgan, Nina Simone and Art Blakey. I download music but I still prefer the full sound of CD’s, I buy Mobile Fidelity CD’s occasionally.  So my goal is a great CD player, I’m less interested in that both of these units feature a USB or other input, although helpful when I can’t find my CD and pull out the Ipod.

Musically, what I appreciate is clarity and definition in the highs but not to shrill, more of a natural sound, good reproduction and separation across the middle and a well executed bass. I’m concerned the Music Hall could be to ‘soft’, but I do prefer my CD player to start with a natural reproduction of the music. The odd thing is that many of the reviews of the Marantz CD6004 I have read seem to be hybrids of just one review and all say the same thing. The “reviews” all say great things about the sound quality. But also, the gist of the reviews is how great the sound is for $400-$500, but I cannot find a comparison of the two and if the Music Hall was thrown into the mix, would it blow away the Marantz taking money and value out of the equation?

Output and listening, I would think pairing matters and here’s what I’mlistening too, I have both a Music Hall headphone amp that I enjoy some AKG QJ 701’s through, but my love is my Marantz 2270 receiver and JBL 4408’s (two way), and 4312b’s (three way’s).

Considering these are two very good ‘entry’ level CD players in terms of cost, I hope this comparison sparks some good input across the forum so the next guy looking for information on these two players will benefit thank you in advance for your thoughts…

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CD Player.

I have a CD5004, which is very good. Stereophile did a review of it recently.

I use an OPPO BDP-95 in my SOTA stereo system, which is arguably THE best player at any price less than $8000 (along with the BDP-105) The SABRE chips in it are the state of the art.

For $499 you can get the OPPO BDP-103, which is what I would do if I were in your shoes.

It not only is the best-sounding CD/SACD player by far at that price, it has a good DAC and a dozen other features that make it a lot more than just a player.

You can buy it direct from OPPO at their website.

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