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Comparing Audio Outputs

I have an ONKYO TX-NR828 7.2 Channel AVR an old Harman / Kardon 5.1 channel AVR-3500 and an Integrated 5.1 channel JVC Amplifier.
All the three have been giving/ given good performance and so I dont want to get rid of them. So I thought of this idea: What if, a few years down, I get a Yamaha/ Marantz/ Onkyo 11.2 Pre-amp/ Processor and hook up all the three devices to that: Use HDMI out from the Pre-amp to the NR828 ( for 7 channels) + RCA connection from pre-amp unbalanced output H1 and H2 to the H/K CD input ( 2 channels) +RCA connection from pre-amp unbalanced output H3 H4 to the JVC Amp CD Input (2 channels) + S/W from Preamp directly. My query would be : Is this sensible and if so would the Pre-amp unbalanced output be higher than the CD input limits?

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