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Clearaudio Concept

After reading the forum on the As We See It column and the review of the Clearaudio Concept, my comments directly relate to both. I am not a TT newbie, having had a number of TT's (including a Dual, Empire Troubador, Connoisseur and Kenwood KD-600), but the Concept is something special, especailly at its price point.

My audio guy advised me to get one and since I had a few carts hanging around, to get it sans cart. So I did and put my older VdH MM-1 on it. After we  heard it in my system, he suggested a cart upgrade. He suggested the Benz line because they include different output carts. I chose a Wood SH (high output as being a good match for my Audible Illusions 3A preamp) and could not believe how good my analog collection sounded.

By saving money on the base TT, I was able to spend a bit more for a really great cart. I know, I can hear it because the cart cost as much as the TT. But my LP's have never sounded better. And don't even ask me about how good those 200 gram or the 45 RPM LP's sound! Anyone contemplating the Concept as a purchase, run don't walk and get it. And even though our hobby does cost some money, if you make careful purchases, you will be greatly rewarded.

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Thanks for sharing...

your experience, drjjpcdc.

I'm considering a new TT, and the CA Concept is tempting. I also posted some thoughts under the online review of the Concept.

I am curious how you selected the Benz cart. I don't need high output, but want to otherwise find a good match to the TT/arm chosen: mass, compliance, tonality complement, etc. We don't get to trial run cartridges, for obvious reaonable reasons. 


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