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Classical music


I am very pleased to entering this forum and I would be glad to receive your advice please as I have started my intro into hi-fi.

I mostly listen to classical music. After having listed to different combinations of speakers /amps and read a lot on the various forums, I decided to go for a paid of monitor audio bx5.

I would be glad if you could share your views about bx5's abilties for classical music and very importantly your suggestions for amp please.

My budget is around £500 and the room is 4x6m.

Thank you very much!


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For classical music listening, I would suggest an Arcam A19 or Rega Brio R or Creek Evolution 2.

Not knowing the prices in the UK I am not sure how those fit your budget.

If those are all too expensive, then the Cambridge 651A might be the next best thing.

The BX-5 speakers should be very nice to listen to with the right amplifier.

Their main limitation will be the lack of really low bass, but for most listeners their bass will be quite adequate.

The specification given of going down to 36 Hz is really not credible, but i am sure that they go down to almost 40 Hz.

You can only get so much bass out of most 5.5 inch drivers.

To get really low bass (otgan pedal notes etc) it really takes a subwoofer in any case.

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