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Cinema amplifiers in old trains - what is the brand?


Hopefully I have placed this under the right subject. I'm new in this Forum, and I'm not familiar with the way that forums are running outside of Denmark.
I will on forehand excuse for my, perhaps, lacking level of English!

I've signed up to this site because I'm currently doing some research on behalf of the Danish Railway Museum, located in Odense Denmark.
As part of a project with overhauling one of our cars (a car that by the mid 60's was transformed from a regular 1st class car into a combined cinema/bar/dancing car, and therefore fitted with all technology for such purpose) we are trying to find out, what amplifier/record player brand that was used. Unfortunately, someone has removed all the original equipment, and the only source to point us in any direction are two pictures from a similiar car (see links below).

The arms for the needles are having a circular logo (I guess?) casted into the top of the cover. The turntable desk shown on the two pictures, are proubably build by the state railways by using parts from the Hi-Fi industry. We know, that the company already was trading a lot with Philips in that period, so therefore I started trawling the internet for Philips record players and cinema amplifiers earlier today, that could hopefully confirm my thoughts. After finding out, that RCA was having a round logo too, I did the same with that brand getting exact the same results: nothing. I've been trying a lot of different searches, so I have reached that point, where I may think that it is another brand.
Cinema amplifiers back in the days were not a very common thing in Denmark, so there is not much help to find there either. Therefore, I would like to ask anyone reading this post, if you could help me with the brand, or maybe even the specific model that has "donated" parts for the desk.

Anything that can point me in any direction will be appreciated!

Kind Regards;
Jens Norup

Picture 1:

Picture 2:

By following these links, you'll be led to the digital archive of the Danish Railway Museum, which means that the page is in Danish, unfortunately. If you click on the square with the arrow on top beneath the picture shown, you'll download the picture in full resolution, and there you'll be able to zoom in. If you have any questions about what the small signs on the pictures says, please don't hecitate writing me, and I'll explain it the best I can!

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