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Challenge For All - Tough System

Hello all,

I have had a lot of trouble finding products to put together my first Hifi. First I will talk about some of my limitations and then talk about some of my ideas etc.

First off I have a horrific listening area, effectively it's a computer desk with a diagonal wall about 8 feet from my current speakers. I am about 2.5 feet from my current speakers. Next, space obviously is an issue. I can't have large speakers, floor standers, or stand mounted speakers. Finally the volume level would have to maintain reasonable levels. I don't believe amplification will be a problem in my current space.

Now for some more specific components talk. I have a large collection of vinyl so my system must include a TT. In addition I will be using my computer as a digital source so a DAC would likely be needed. I am not interested in a CD players as I have no CD's.

Whew, quite the challenge. I have a budget of $3000 tops. If you can save me money, please do! Haha :)

My current idea is a Rega RP-1 TT > Cambridge Audio Azur 640p phono stage > Peachtree Decco65 integrated amplifier/dac/headphone amp > Wall mounted Neat Iota speakers.

Your suggestions don't need to include any of the components I listed. I am partial to Rega and Music Hall TT's.

I can't thank all of you enough,


Bill B
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very good choices I'd say (except I am not familiar with Neat Iota speakers).  Put a better cartridge on that turntable (i.e., upgrade the one it comes with).  

For my desk system, with nice but small speakers, I added a subwoofer that sits out of the way, and it really completes the system, making it full range.  The low frequencies are not at all apart from the speakers, the sub integrates just about perfectly.  So I recommend a sub wherever one doesn't have large, full range main speakers.  Just the opinion of a rocker and i guess kind of a basshead.

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You might want to consider the NHT Classic Model 2 speakers, which have an available wall-mount kit. They are very good.

The Musical Fidelity V-LPS phono stage is only $200, and for my money is better than the Cambridge.

I recommend the Music Hall MMF-2.2 Turntable; it is very good for the money. It costs around $450, and you will want to spend maybe $250 for a cartridge upgrade, such as the Ortophon X1.


BTW- Grado cartridges will not work with the Music Hall and some other turntables, because they are ungrounded and hum badly.

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Audioengine speakers?

I have just auditioned the Audioengine 5+ speakers $399 pair and they are absolutely amazing straight out of the box

Bill B
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Yes, the AudioEngine 5+ are great performers, especially for the price.  We have 2 pair of those among our household members and a pair of the AudioEngine 2's also (which I use as computer audio system speakers along with a subwoofer).  Your 5's will sound better after you have used them for 50 hours or so.

Since these are powered speakers, the OP wouldn't get the benefit of the Peachtree's power amp section, though.  On the other hand, the AE 5's have their own remote control, handy when they are mounted to the wall.

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