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I bought Aja, the SHM-SACD last year and liked it a bunch so this past March when I saw on the website that The Royal Scam would be available in May 2011, I sent my $67.45 via Paypal.  After May passed I revisited their site to find the release date had slid to June...then in June it was moved to July and now stands at the end of August.  They have my $67.45 and I have nada.  So I initiated a complaint with Paypal only to find that this particular issue cannot be resolved thru Paypal and that I should contact the vendor.  I have sent at least 4 emails so far and they have not replied to any of them.  I went there again tonight and viewed my account only to find that they have now removed this order from my OPEN ORDER list.  So I am out $67.45.  Not the end of the world but its a real pisser.  I intend to post this message on as many audio sites I can find.  Too bad this company survived the tsunami.

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