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CD changer problems - help!!!

Hi all,

I have the Onkyo DXC390 6 Disc CD Player (with Dali Concept 2 speakers and HK 3485 receiver. Both great), which performed great until recently when it started acting up:

1. It started turning on by itself out of nowhere. I tried a few things, isolating the remote control, changing the outlet it hooks to (from a unit that holds a few appliances to a single one) and then after calling Onkyo - resetting it. After a few days it returned. Oh well I might live with that, BUT...

2. Today it started getting into 'pause' mode while playing a CD. I ran a cleaner CD after that, but it's still acting up ang getting to 'pause' without anyone doing something.

I think that some chip got screwed in it or....?? what do you think I can do more to 'cure' it, other then sending it to a repair shop.

I'm not dealing here with a super high-end machine (although it gets high reviews), but might it be better to switch to another player altogether (I'm thinking of that for example - Sony CDP-CE375 5-Disc Carousel-Style CD

instead of fixing the Onkyo?

your thoughts and ideas are most appreciated.

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