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cartridge for technics sl-1200

Alright, so I just bought a Technics SL-1200 and I need a cartridge to go with it. I'm willing to spend up to $200 or maybe $300. I've got the original headshell and I think the tonearm is original as well. Receiver is Onkyo TX-8255. Any suggestions? Is it alright to use a moving coil? 

I'm also a bit confused about all these adjustments (anti-skating, tracking weight, etc.) since my previous turntable was not adjustable. Does anyone know a good website for beginners to learn about setting up a turntable? 

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Vinyl Engine forum

would be a good place to start on info for turntable/cartridge setup.

For cartridges consider:

Audio Technica AT440MLa

Ortofon 2M Blue

If you can spend a little more the Audio Technica AT150MLX is great with the stock SL-1200 tonearm and is probably the best MM cartridge under $400.

The Onkyo TX-8255 only has a MM phono stage, so if you want to use a MC cartridge you will need an outboard phono peramp. At that price range you can get some pretty good moving magnet cartridges. There are some high output moving coil cartridges which are well regarded, Denon comes to mind.

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