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Carbon, HK 3390, bs22lr. Anything better for less than 800?

Hi brand new here and to vinyls. 

Want to get the project carbon ($399) for sure. 

Amazon has the HK 3390 for $240. Would be nice to hook up my tv too.

SP-BS22-LR $130 seems like the intro way to go. 

Living room size is about 12x12x15. Would the speakers be loud enough?

any suggestions/input would be greatly appreciated! Thanks. 

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Also would the the HK 3390 be powerful enough if I wanted to upgrade the speakers? thanks.

JoeE SP9
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IMO you've made some very good choices.  The Pioneer speakers are an especially good choice. They will certainly play loud enough with that HK receiver. They may not have enough bass. The woofer in them is rather small. You can always add a subwoofer at any time if you find the bass to be inadequate. The ProJect Carbon is another (IMO) excellent choice.

BTW: There is no such thing as "vinyls". The word vinyl serves for singular and multiple.

Happy listening!

IMO you'd have to go some to upgrade those speakers. The best upgrade for them would IMO be a sub woofer.

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Thanks Joe!  Would there be

Thanks Joe! 

Would there be a sub that you would rec for under $300?

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The H-K 3390 has  quite a lot of power and should work well with any speakers.

On the other hand, I suggest that you consider the Music Hall 15.3 Integrated Amplifier. It will sound better and has plenty of power for those speakers in your room. It is $500, however, so that will stretch your budget. In the long run it will be well worth it if you can afford it.

I also suggest that you get the ProJect Phono Box MM phono stage, which for $99 will improve the sound significantly compared to the phono stage included in most amplifiers.

I would choose the Dayton B652 speakers over the Pioneers, even though they cost less. They are rather good.

Unless you find an unusual deal somewhere, the Polk PSW505 may be the best sub for under $300.

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I'm also planning to have the same setup and actually already purchased Pioneer the only problem is I'm not quite sure if HK 3390 is compatible.
Because I've read somewhere that I shouldn't be using speakers with lower ohms than the amp (BS22 =6ohms, HK3390 = 8ohms).
However I'm not quite sure if I understand it correctly which is why I wanna ask your expert opinions if these two units will work without problems.

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