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Car speakers to make home audio system

Hello everyone. This is my first post in this community. From what I have seen and read on other posts, the people here are helpful and friendly.

I'm looking to use some car speakers and a car stereo system to make a home audio system. While I recently had BestBuy install my car speakers, I noticed that the employee had a small stereo system made of car speakers and a car stereo system. I was wondering if anyone here knew how to go about making one. What would this project require me to know? Would it even be practical?

I'm don't need the system to be audiophile level, but I would like it to produce good quality sound. The reason I don't want to just buy a home stereo system is because I thought this would be a fun project.

Any ideas, comments, and feedback would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance to everyone here for creating a great environment for audio help and discussions.

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I have seen something similar

I have seen something similar done in the past for a garage setup that was used while working on vehicles. I would think that you would need to begin with some kind of AC/DC power supply like the one at this link or similar:

You would probably want to size this AC/DC unit based on how much power or load your automobile style amplifier is capable outputting. The device will allow you to plug into a standard wall outlet in your home which will then be converted to a 12V output which can be used by your automobile based audio equipment.

The other option would be to run off of a car battery at all times that you would need to keep charged on a continuous basis but that is a rough way to go about it

The next step once you have the power req under control would be to size out and build an enclosure that will house the Sub/Subs and Front End speakers (ie..Mids/Highs) you plan on using. Preferably using a separate enclosure for the subs and front end speakers just to keep things simple and to avoid the whole mess of complex speaker cabinet design.

Obviously the sizing of these speaker cabinets is critical and will ultimately determine how good your setup will sound in the end.

Once you have the enclosures sorted out you can begin the wiring layout from all the components to the Amps/crossovers/Headunit..etc

I can't say I can predict how noise free one of those AC/DC converters are but that maybe one challenge you will have to experiment with

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