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cant decide....emotiva/anthem/rotel

Hey guys, please help me out here since I have been having this dilemma on which to choose.

I currently have the Bowers and Wilkins CM 5 (B&W). I am doing only a stereo 2 channel setup. So I am considering separates and am stuck between these choices.

Emotiva (Either the 2 UPA-1 monoblocks, or one UPA-2 or one XPA-2, & most likely their usp-1 preamp)
Anthem- (Their Integrated 225 model or the MC-20 amplifier with any pre-amp)
Rotel- (The combo would be the RB-1562 with RC-1550)

or is there any preamp/amp combo that would out-do any of the above 3 options for 1500-2000 ? (inclusive of both preamp and amp)

I can't decide which of the above 3 would make the CM-5's sound the absolute best.

People please please help out, thank you so much

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I believe the Emotiva USP-1

I believe the Emotiva USP-1 and UPA-2 would be a nice match for those speakers.  And it just so happens they are on sale right now as a set for $759 delivered.  Spend the other $740-$1240 on music and accessories and enjoy.

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