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Can a Loricraft damage your records?

Hi Folks!

I am a new Loricraft owner. I picked one up used for a nice price. So far, I haven't had any problem with the Loricraft. I quite like it, in fact, but I have some reservations about the "thread" cleaner method. Can the thread scratch the record?

First of all, I'm concerned about the recommended tracking force settings. I've noticed that the tracking force is all over the place on the platter. Loricraft says that the tracking force should be 2.5 grams, but the tracking force changes as you get closer to the spindle. The tracking force completely changes when the arm travels from the label to the outer edge of the record. Can these changes in the tracking force result in marks in your vinyl? I see that many people set the tracking force at a way lower setting, but I would like to think that Loricraft knows what they are talking about, but the "negative weight" approach sees to be better.

It looks like The hose coming out of the back of the cleaning arm affects the tracking force as well as the placement of the collection jar. Seems funny that Loricraft doesn't account for that in their set up guide.

What do you think - Is the Loricraft safe for your records? Does the tracking force matter? Have you ever noticed marks on your vinyl after cleaning with a Loricraft? Thanks for your advice!

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