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Can indoor silk tree/plants help with diffraction?

I'm just wondering if anyone has tried tall silk trees, etc. as a room friendly aid in acoustical room taming (diffraction is all I can think they'd be good for).  If so, did it have an effect?  Positive or negative?  Thanks.

I have felt like my speakers (Dynaudio Sapphires) have had a bit too much zing recently since changing out electronics but happened to reposition a silk ficus tree up in the front left corner (no right front corner close by) behind the speaker a couple days ago.  Listening further on Saturday and Sunday convinced me things were better but the only change I could think of was putting that tree behind the speaker.  Otherwise, the front of the room (5 ft behind speakers) is a pretty live zone so far (and does need some deadening anyway).  Is it possible that tree broke up some sound?       Thanks for any thoughts or advice.

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