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David Harper
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With the rise of ISIS anyone {like me) who's been speculating about what human beings are capable of should go to Wikipedia and read the article under the entry; " Jasenovac concentration camp"

Be forewarned; this article is not for the faint of heart

Allen Fant
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Thanks! for sharing- David.

Thanks! for sharing- David. Evil has always existed globally.

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Concentrated vs Generalized Evil

It would surprise me if most societies/countries aren't somewhat equal in their evil-quotient. It's distressing that after thousands of years of "civilized" existence that we haven't progressed further. We still torture, repress, and kill our fellow citizens. Nazi Germany being one of the worst examples of the modern world, we in the USA, incarcerate and torture the world's largest population of children and adults. I believe most of us are unaware or in denial of this fact. We are responsible for electing local and national legislators who condone and promote this ongoing evil in the USA.

Let's be equally upset about our own situation, while also trying to improve the lives of those foreign to us.

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