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cambridge audio 650a question...

i was wondering if the cambridge audio 650a would sound better than the nad c352? i have the nad c352 right now. anybody heard both these? thanks, john

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I have never heard the 352, but...

I had the C356BEE for a few months, and I didn't like it as well as the Cambridge A340 that it replaced, so I went back to the 340A. The 340A has less power, but either one had enough for my speakers, which are very efficient, so that was not an issue. I am using the PSB Image T6 tower speakers.

Anyway, after a while I ended up popping $1500 for the Musical Fidelity M3i amplifier, which is absolutely wonderful-sounding! I highly recommend it for that price range.

But anyway, the Cambridge 650A has had several very good reviews, and my 340A is pretty good, so I suspect it is probably better than the 352. It is currently listed in Stereophile's RECOMMENDED COMPONENTS in the October 2011 issue! The NAD316BEE is also listed there.

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