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Cables to fit my kit...
  •  Clones Audio 55pm (monoblock)(€899)
  • Clones Audio AP1 (preamp)(€549)
  • Clones Audio mPSU (Mac Mini power supply)(€499)
  • Mac Mini
  • Schiit Audio Bifrost ($575)
  • KEF LS50 (loudspeakers) (¥105,000)

In need of speaker cables (full range), 2 pairs of interconnects, and either a USB/Toslink (still debating). I want great cables, of course, but as with everyone, I have a budgetary limit. 

Full disclosure, while I'm doubtful I would hear the difference between a $5000 and $50000 cable, I'm certainly not ordering a full set of cables from Radio Shack.

I'm based in Japan, but will be ordering internationally because choices here are slim and costs are higher, even for brands with little recognition. I'm interested in everyone's opinions based on what they are using. But again, keeping in mind that for the gear I mentioned, I'm not putting $5000 speaker cables on €899 monoblocks.

I'd like to find some middle ground based on my system - not 'budget', maybe middle to middle-high stuff.

I have no brand allegiance to any cable companies. More a matter of who will ship here and who won't. Who who's gotten glowing reviews and who hasn't. I've heard about Audioquest Rocket 44/88, and those were recommended by AQ upon asking (as well as their Mackenzie interconnects). But haven't gotten much farther than that.

Any ideas would be greatly appreciated.

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Try the cable company they

Try the cable company they will let you try different cables and exhange them until you find the right fit for your systems synergy. I`m sure they ship internationally, just not sure if they offer their cable library in Japan.
But they will offer their expertise based on feedback from the many library users they`ve sold to over the years.

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