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Cables for $1000 System

Does anyone have any recommendations for cables for a $1000 system? I know that they are important and I'm will to spend some $$$ but I don't want to overspend.

In looking at AudioQuest, would the G-Snake be OK? Are the Diamondback overkill? how about the Copperhead or Sidewinder? And how would any of those compare with Monster 400's?

It's all very confusing.

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builds nice cables at all price points. Their Type 4 in no frills packaging would be more than adequate for that system and provide excellent performance.


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Blue Jeans Cable

LC-1 Low Capacitance Audio Cable is a good cable.

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Radio Shack or....

Don't spend a lot. I've researched this over and over. Plenty of information out there to the contrary on cables.

Don't expect to find a negative review in many magazines, they can't break the hand that feeds them.

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You can try anticables. Available on line (Paul's and Judy's Speltz website:
Smooth and very neutral, especially in this price range.

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BlueJeans interconnects

Stunning presentation for a realistic price. Changed out over 1K of Tara Labs Pandora Space and time for these in single ended. Best Upgrade I have made to date  my reference systen - in forward process of enhancement since 1993. Buy some and be amazed. I am - Totally



Ariel Bitran
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Entry Level August

In our August Issue, SM review some budget priced cables in his "Entry Level" column. One of these which he reviews favorably is the Audioquest G-Snake. He also reviews similarly affordable cables from Signal Cable and Giant Killer Cables (more on the GKCs in the following Entry Level).

If you can wait till mid-July (when the August issue is released), you'll have another great source to guide your search.

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Best overall cable would be....

MIT AVT 1 series cables will completely immerse you in the music.  They can be had for a discount online and a 30 day trial period from Joe Abrams at Equus Audio.  Reviews on them speak to their strengths.  Experiencing them in your system will be ear opening!

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Love em...

MIT AVT series really great stuff for the money... No complaints, and balance of strengths really competitive with AQ, Cardas, and many others I've heard. Love to lay out some more green for the more upscale offerings, but not gonna cry about these- IC or especially the speaker cables.

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Yes, do not think you are missing much...I owed Oracle V1.2 cabling on my previous reference system, and athough it soundd fantastic, the AVT 1 series souns sublime in my current setup.  I don't miss the Oracles at this point....diminishing returns?  Pehaps.

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Make your own... sells 12 gauge speaker wire and gold-plated banana plugs. They won't look as nice as expensive cables with braided nylon casings, but they'll probably sound 99% as good.

the record spot
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I've tried a bunch of

I've tried a bunch of interconnects, from unbranded £7 ones right up to £225 Atlas Navigators, all copper based and none of which made any difference to the resulting sound from the other. The only ones which did, Nordost Blue Heaven, are silver based and I believe there to be a noticeable difference between these and copper based interconnects.  As for speaker cable, there was a minor difference between my Audioquest Type IV and the cable I currently use, 322-strand OFC cable.  The latter being a tad more "open", but this is perhaps down to the multistrand v. single strand construction.

In terms of cost, the 322 strand cost me £5.50 for 10 metres, delivered (that's as in "all in", not per metre) and the £7 for the unbranded interconnect.  I'm comfortable, on the back of my own trials, to recommend spending more on your core components - amp, source(s), speakers - than excessive spend on wiring.  10% of total system spend, as is suggested commonly, is a fallacy if tied to the notion that you are somehow losing out on audio performance by not allocating this in your budget.  It's your money of course, but look at it this way; what do you have to lose?

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