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Bypass Preamp on Pro-Ject Debut Carbon USB

I have owned a Pro-Ject Debut Carbon USB for a few years. I have mostly enjoyed the sound and playback from it. However, I am in process of upgrading my system and would like the ability to bypass the preamp integrated in TT. There is no bypass switch on TT to accomplish this.

I have found limited information on-line on how exactly to bypass the preamp. Below is only information I have been able to find:

"Im sure it is possible if you know how to handle a soldering iron. But without opening it up and disconnecting the leads BEFORE they hit the phono stage, it does not appear that there is an easy solution.

I couldn't find any pictures on the net of the view from the other side of that little output module... if by any chance there are rca plugs and a ground wire going IN to the box on the opposite side of the outputs, then thats what you would want to hook up to a new phono stage. If not, then it will need to be opened up. It's honestly something you could probably learn how to do pretty easily, just have to know what connects to what."

I was curious if users of the forum had any experience or recommendations for me.

Also, what exactly would happen if I connected the TT preamp Line-OUT into an additional Preamp Line-IN and then to integrated amp Line Level IN ?

I appreciate the feedback !

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Any Luck? I'm in the same boat

I wondered if you had any luck doing the bypass? I'm sure it must be quite simple, in theory, but practically it could be fiddly.

I bought this turntable a few years back when I was listening through powered monitors in my university room. I can't find much info about the built in pre-amp, only that it's MM.

Now I've upgraded to Neat Motive 3 speakers and soon will get a Nait Naim amp (both pre owned).
I don't want the built in preamp to be holding back my signal quality. Or maybe I'm being anal. I'm new to all this.


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Project usb preamp

Has anyone figured out yet how to bypass this preamp?

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Line out

Not familiar with this TT. But if there is a line out that is RCA jacks, that could go into a amp, or pre-amp line in. However, going into a pre-amp's line-in is adding more electronics in the path that is better omitted.

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Found this

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