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Buzzing out of all channels A/V Receiver


I’m having an issue with my 5 year-old Pioneer Elite A/V Receiver and I’m wondering if the educated, fine folks here might have a clue as to a possible fix after hearing the symptoms before I send it in for repair and pay what is most likely a couple hundred dollars.

After approximately 20 minutes after power up I will start to hear a buzzing out of all channels (7.2) but I can still hear the source sound. This went on for many weeks then it progressed to a whopwhopwhopwhop sound that overpowers any other sound from the source. If I turn the receiver off and wait about 10 minutes or so everything is clear again but the symptoms return and repeat.

No hardware changes have been made since I hooked up my home theater 5 to 6 years ago.

The buzzing and subsequent whopwhopwhop sound come regardless of source; TV, BD, PS4 etc.

Any help from somebody who had a similar experience would be greatly appreciated.

Kal Rubinson
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It sounds to me as it is

It sounds to me as it is likely to be something in the power supply that is upstream and common to all sources and channels. Pardon me for asking, though, but what would you do about it if someone could diagnose it for you? I suspect you still will have to send it in for repair.

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