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Buying speakers for djing at home, need help please!

Hey everyone, brand new here. After searching around a bit i havent found the help to what i am looking for... I have a $100 $120 tops budget for speakers whether its monitors, speakers or anything of the sort. I also have an analog receiver that i can use with speakers if thats a better option, im just looking for the best quality that i can get for djing and listening to music in my bedroom since im ordering my own equipment tonight! Any help is really appreciated..thankyou!

JoeE SP9
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Your budget for speakers is rather meager. Your best bet is your local Craig's List.

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I suggest the Sony SSF-5000 speakers, on Amazon for $100.

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Maybe the Pioneer SP-BS21-LR for $100/pair?

Andrew Jones designed and getting a lot of good buzz. If you can find the SP-BS41-LR, it is pretty good for $180/pair.

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