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Buying A New Turntable Quandry

I am in desperate need of a new turntable. I am currently operating a Pioneer PL15DII with a new Ortofon Blue cart. The TT was not working at all when I grabbed it prior to an awful demise at the local dump near my In-Laws house. The microswitch was busted among other issues. It sounds okay for what it is, but coming from almost 30 years of catching the audiophile bug when I was 11, I know what's out there.

I'm thinking about purchasing a Rega RP6 or P7 with dynavector 10x5 cart but but I'm just not sure if I want to invest that right now. I saw a Harman Kardon T65C in mint condition with a Stanton L747S cart for around $500.00. Should I wait and save up for a Rega? Should I maybe lower my sights and purchase a less expensive deck such as a RP1, Pro-Ject Debut, or similar entry level TT and install my Ortofon Blue cart on one of those decks? My other components consist of a McIntosh C32 pre (completely refurb'd by McIntosh), McIntosh 7205 amp, and Focal 936's. I also have a Meridian 565 pre and Arcam DV89 player but the Meridian has been disco'd because I'm back into two-channel. I've been cleaning old records that I never abused as a kid with my Spin Clean machine and loving vinyl (again)!

Any advice will be most appreciated.



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Not a huge fan of my Debut III

I have owned a debut III for about 5 months now and although it is a capable unit it is not nearly as resolving as I would like it to be.  Also the motor is unveccesarily loud.  As far as dynamics are concerned it is ok.  The Rega's mentioned are some of the best TT's I have heard, I went with the Project to save money to put towards my Vinyl collection. 

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Buy used

Technics SL-1200Mk2 show up in the $400s on Craigslist, and you'll be happier than spending the same money on new. Plus you can get parts, new in the box parts, on eBay. Keep that cartridge, Orotofon OM2 Blue. I have it too. My opinion is put more money in where the sound originates - in this case turntable, cartridge, and speakers. Secondary is pre-amp and amp.

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