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Buying my first pair of loudspeakers - Under $2000

Hi all,

I'm in the market for some loudspeakers and I'm going to eventually have a 5.1 setup.  For now it will be a 2 channel setup.  I am going to use the system to music, TV/HT, and video games.  I am getting the second level done in my house and these speakers are going to go in the family room.  The walls are getting painted light grey and I am going to get darker color hardwood put in.  What speaker finish will look good with this color scheme?

Here are the speakers that I am looking at.  My budget is below $2000 but I would like to keep the number below $1500 because I'm starting fresh and have no equipment.

  • B&W 683
  • Monitor Audio RX6, RX8
  • Paradigm monitor 11
  • klipsch rf-82 ii
  • MMG 1.7
  • Salk Songtowers
  • Vandersteen 2ce signature ii
  • kef Q900

I'm going to sit about 10ft away from the TV/speakers.  I know I listed a lot of speakers but which one will sound decent for electronic/hip-hop music?  What AVR?



Bill B
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Lt gray

With light gray walls and dark wood, it's best to get super great sounding loudspeakers. 

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KEF LS50 mini monitor

I'm with the same cap but seeking for a good pair of bookshelves -- KEF LS50 mini monitor has tons of great feedbacks online, and you probably want to check that out too if your room is not huge.

BTW, if you search for KEF LS50 online, you may see the ads of <$1000 pair by Caution -- I tried but 2 days after I got confirmation email, I was called that they cancelled my order because they don't have it any more. They still ran that ads weeks later. It's esp. fishy that if you call their sales number or customer service number, you'll get "$100 free voucher if you may $$ processing fee"  promotion or a discount cruise ticket. So it's very likely that I just leaked my credit card info to them. Don't make the same mistake like I did.

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speaker choice

I found some sites that sell certain speakers for cheap but they're not authorized resellers and you will not have factory warranty.  I'm going to purchase my speakers from a local dealer.

I crossed off the MMG and Vandersteen speakers because I am going to put them on my family room and I don't want huge looking speakers.  I'm leaning towards the RX6 or new Silver 6 because of the slim tower they have.  I'm trying to spend $1500 for the pair and spend the rest on a decent AVR.

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