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buying a DAC for existing components vs buying a universal player

howdy, newbie here.
I've been mulling over for a while buying an oppo bd93 v buying a DAC. Currently, i have a Denon DVD-1920 which was my universal player until blu-ray came along. My blu-ray is just a cheap Sony BDP BX57.
Here is my problem, i need a universal audio player, I love the sound of the Denon, but it doesn't do blu-ray. the Sony is lacking in the audio dept, and doesn't do DVD-A. I am also short of analog inputs on my amp (i have an integrated amp and do not have surround sound at all just plain old stereo). so the blu-ray goes into the digital input of my tascam cd burner right now, i am basically using that as a DAC (it's not that good), and i listen to it via the analog outs on that instead of it's own.
So looking around i can see the oppo bd-93 which has great video performance, but people seem to think it lacks a little in the audio dept compared to the 95 which i can't afford.
and i see the cambridge audio dacmagic gets great reviews.
if i bought a CA dacmagic and plugged the Denon and the Sony into it, that would do the trick too. it would certainly solve the lack of inputs problem?? i'm more interested in audio performance than video, and i've never owned a dac. would i be better off getting the oppo or buying a dac?

anybody got any thoughts on which way to go??

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Oppo is the way to go

Hi Wil and welcome to the forum.

I own the slightly older Oppo BDP-83 and I consider it to be one of my all time best audio/visual purchases. My home theater receiver is also an older model that does not have an HDMI input so I use the Oppo's analog outputs for the audio playback of blu-ray, SACD and DVD-Audio discs and the sound is very, very good.

The Oppo BDP-93 is also a streaming media player so you will be able to use it to watch and listen to Internet media and locally stored (as in, on your home network) media.

I say go for the Oppo - you will not be disappointed, in fact, I think you will be quite happy. Good luck!

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Oppo BDP-95 vs Krell 20i CD Player

Put together2 channel stereo components back in 1990s as follows

Krell 20i CD Player - YBA 2 Pre Amp & YBA 2 AMP - Genesis V Speakers - PS Audio Power Plant Premier.

I still like the sound of the system including the Krell 20i, but the Krell technology is pretty old and hearing all the hype over the Oppo 95 I am thinking of getting it for a Universal Player.  I need a Blue-ray for the Panasonic 65VT30 Plasma I just got.   However, I have never heard the Oppo 95 in a music system (only reviews).  Anyone provide input on the Oppo95 sound quality and it I can expect to hear an improvement in CDs compared to the  Krell 20i?  Components are older, but they were fairly high end for the 90s.   Dont know how they stand up compared to what is available tody. Thanks for the comments.


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