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Built-in turntable cable too short ?

I thought this would be a quick local sourced fix, but it sounds great. Maybe one doesn't always need a fancy label ?


Swapped in turntable, but built-in output cable was two feet too short to get to pre-amp, and I didn't want to rearrange equipment.


I got the following at local Radio Shack that afternoon and it sounds fine, no hum:

Gold Series phono-to-phono audio coupler, 274-864

$6 each, need two, but solid metal case to avoid hum, and gold plated.

Auvio 3 foot stereo audio RCA cable, 15-220

$15, gave me the added length. At least with my Ortofon moving magnet, no issue at all, so instead of a quick swap I'm leaving these three parts in place.

I know this may not be for everyone, but you can't beat the convenience, and when I swapped in my one 'brand name', but longer, cable, I couldn't hear any difference, so I'm leaving the phono cable extension all Radio Shack. I once had to return a 'brand name' 8 foot RCA cable, that ran from my previous turntable that had RCA plugs on it it to the pre-amp, because of hum. Proving again that money doesn't buy happiness. And yes, it was the cable. Another type of 'brand name cable' worked fine.

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