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Building my first system


I'd like some feedback on the system I'm going to build.

I haven't bought anything so far so changes can be made. As it is now, I'm planning to use my Macbook Pro as the main source for music, this will not change. Next up is a Stello DA100 Signature 96/24 as my choice of dac. A Naim Nait5i as amp and a pair of Dynaudio's X12 on a pair of Dynaudio's Stand 3.

1. Could you give me some alternatives for the 3 main products; dac, amp, speakers.

2.The Dac is around 900, the amp around 1000 and the speakers around 800 with 200 for the stands. All prices in euro. So the total cost would be around 3000 euros( around 4300 dollar). Does the distribution of money over the 3 elements seem fair. Or should invest more in speakers and less in the dac etc,

Im not sure where I can get the most value out of my money.

Any feedback is welcome.

Thanks in advance,


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