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Building a Center Channel speaker.... need to know how to incorporate shielding

OK... since I am a diy and a 35 year audiophile (but without the outerspace budget) I am building up a new 5.1 system (music oriented) by adding to my old.  Now its not THAT old and certain components like mid/late 90s Rotel amps are staying... just got a few more of them off ebay... including a 2004 Rotel 1098 processor preamp, as well as as major upgrade to Vandersteen speakers (pair of 2Ce's and a pair of 1B"s for the main LR and sides).  Working the rear and center options.  Vandersteen is unique and though not a rock speaker... hey are superb in their reproduction to original.... the 2Ce's are truely awesome.

But I got a wild hair and just bought the guts from a pair of Vandersteen 1C's off eBay.  It is my intent to build a truely musical Center (driven from the two center outs on the 1098 (1 and 2 although they are identical)) to these 4 drivers and their crossovers.  It will be a matched pair inside one cabinet.  But the drivers are not sheilded... and I confess I do not fully yet understand EM sheilding.  So please teach me what it takes to "Shield" from the influences of a 30" wide screen tube (yes tube... and it weighs a ton, 1080i) but it still works and I'm not considering a replacement for it yet.

Info links??? Comments/suggestions?

Thanks, Dave

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