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Budget floorstanding speaker help

I'm considering the Infinity Primus P253 vs the Pioneer FS52-LR. The monitor versions of both these speakers were favorably reviewed and are considered superb values. I prefer floorstanding models for the extended bass response and so I don't need stands.  I'm using a Linn Classic, Music Hall MMF5 table and Bellari VP130 pre-amp. The front ported infinity may be a bit better than rear for ease of placement. I mostly listen to jazz and like the string bass to be full of woody timbre and the cymbals to be transparent, not harsh. Any thoughts?

Thanks, in advance,


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Personally I think especially

Personally I think especially at budget levels you will get MUCH better sound from bookshelf speakers. In fact, bookshelf speakers are bound to be more accurate in almost all real world listening rooms. Love bass? blend in a sub, very carefully. 

Personal story.. I had expensive mid size towers in my old listening room. I got the KEF LS50, and they mercilessly butchered the towers (about 8x the cost) .. pioneer has the amazing Jones designed towers for a bit over 100... Get 40 buck stands and you will get staging and accuracy. Never listened to the towers u are considering though.

how big is your listening room?

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I suggest that you consider the Mordaunt-Short Carnival 8 speakers, which Audio Advisor has for $249 each. They are remarkably good-sounding for their price.

Based on your stated listening preferences and type of listening, I think you will end up throwing money away if you get anything cheaper.

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