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BOSE!!!!!! You are all right!!! I knew it!!!!!

My buddy gave me a bose lifestyle 5 system (immaculate) for my mothers place.  I set it up perfectly and it sounds XXXXXXXXXX awful!!  It's like the amp in the sub is not powerful enough?????? (as they are drivers and are power hungry.  My mother had a set of beolab 6000's and a beolab 2 sub.  People say Bose is the poor mans B&O (not the best speakers of course - design la di da).. but hell, there is a massive DIFFERENCE!!!!  Now I get why people rip the xxxx out of Bose!!  When i was a kid I had a beosound 3000/beolab 2500's.  For a lifestyle unit compared to the Bose, it is just chalk and cheese, & that's before we get on to the good stuff!!  At least the B&O stuff has full range and is kind of detailed and crisp....  Back me up people!!  Terrible!!!  cryinglaughno

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Last seen: 5 years 9 months ago
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and another thing........

They are shockingly lacking in midrange / top end!!!  When I was a kid, I ran acoustimass 3 speakers (my 15th birthday present.. 20years ago.. getting OLD!!) with a musical fidelity amp (100w/channel) and it kills this set up!  I cannot believe the lack of power/amp spec???? Dr Bose or Dr Suess?  WOOF WOOF!!

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Bose is just one of the best marketed companies out there, who tell people what they want to hear, and then happily deliver high priced junk.

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You are all right !!!

You are all right !!!  Was there any doubt  ???

JoeE SP9
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Welcome to the crowd!

Better late than never!

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Well i'll be........

I have heard acoustimass speakers years ago, but hooked up to a decent amp, but I can't recall them sounding this awful.  i think if you are using these speakers, you don't use Bose electronics (amplifier built into the sub).  Simply CRAP.

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Hey now! Everybody knows that the

Bose 901 is the best loudspeaker ever created. wink

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I can't help but think bose = crApple on some level

Both spend exhorbitant sums on marketing.  Both have always tried to position the brand as the "anti-" play.  Both are ridiculously overpriced.  Both of dubious quality.

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Oh why not...

...jump into the fray again?  What can it hurt?

I won't comment on the Acoustimas systems as I have no real experience with them.  My experience is with the 901.  I own a pair of series VI's that I bought new in the fall of '09.  They have brought musical joy to a room that I had previously used klipschorns (4 years) and B&W 703's (1 year) unsuccessfully.  And that is pretty much the bottom line for me.  I'm not interested in arguments of everything that is supposedly "wrong" with the design and/or execution of the 901.  They sound wonderfully like good live music sounds.  That's the point.  Plus, they're relatively small and quite affordable.  They're easy to drive, will handle a gob of power , yet play pretty loud on a little power.  If you get over the fact that they are not studio monitors and thus, do not sound like studio monitors, you may find they are one of the best performance values in all of audio. 

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Bose definition



 Bose  \ˈbōs, ˈbȯs, ˈbȯsh\  1.  No highs, no lows....must be Bose.cheeky


I remember hearing Paul Harvey do a radio ad for the Bose Acoustic Wave radio back in the mid-90's. Harvey said, "The Bose Acoustic Wave radio is the best sounding stereo in the world."

..and to use a phrase coined by Harvey:

This is one area that Paul Harvey doesn't know "the rest of the story."

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