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Bose 901 series V set up

Let me start out saying I'm not an expert on critical listening. Nor would I deem myself an audiophile. However, I needed to share my bose 901 series V set up and then fade away. I looked hard for advice like I'm going to give here and didn't find it. Consequently, it took me weeks of spurious reading to figure out how to power my speakers.

So I fell for a pair of vintage 901s online. A great deal, sorta. Then the headaches began. The more I read, the more it became obvious that to make these not suck, I needed some pretty special components. However, my budget was not high. I will skip the rest of the story about research and forum reading. Here is the set up and it sounds amazing in my large living room for both quiet and loud volume applications. We used the Bose wiring guide to know how to connect it, which is important..

1. Bose 901s series v, connected to power amp with monster speaker wire. Price around $500
2. You have to have the matching series v active equalizer from Bose. Price around $150
3. You need to give these speakers plenty of clean power. Don't buy a fancy amp receiver for this. You need at least 300 watts per channel at 8 ohms. We bought crown audio xls 1502 power amp to feed the greedy speakers. Keep the gain on real high and use volume knob on receiver to control volume. Price was around $400
4. You need a receiver or stereo receiver with a pre out. This is not common! We sprung for Yamaha natural sound receiver. R-s700. This has the advantage of being chrome cast audio ready and we can add subs if we want. So far, we don't think we need them. Price as around $400
5. Bought a few extra components for internet connection and serius Xm connection, which are quite nice. These were around $1-200 I think.

All US prices

Don't fall for tape loop sacrifices. You will hear a lot of whisper.

This set up is amazing. Super happy with crisp clear, slightly-fuller sound that comes from putting speakers on a good wall and not having too much soft furnishing in the room to deaden sound. We combined with the Google home device and stream whatever we want to ask of it. Except the princess bride song. For some reason it won't allow that in our area. So sad!

Don't forget nearly full gain!

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Thanks for sharing

This is good advice. Bose is a much maligned company but those 901s are good sounding speakers and point 2 around the equalizer is great to make. Without that, the whole system falls apart. Thanks for sharing and glad you are enjoying.

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Thanks! for sharing- the 901

Thanks! for sharing- the 901 is a stone Audio classic.
Give each speaker 8 feet of wall space and you will be musically rewarded!

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