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Bluesound Vault Alternatives?

Does anyone know of any Vault-like products currently on the market? I've been looking for something like this for awhile, but the fact that it requires a smartphone means I'm uninterested. I ran this by their customer service and received a reply to the effect that their market research is ongoing, and if they perceive a need for a non-smartphone interface then they will consider it.

Meanwhile, I would rather not wait that long. I'm not nearly as plugged in as some folks, so if I've overlooked something obvious then I apologize in advance. I'm just getting back into audiophilia and need to spend more time on this site (and elsewhere).

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Olive Audio

Might be helpful if you can mention what sort of interface you are going for. There are a number of options but the use of mobile apps is still among the easiest from a use perspective.
You could check out olive audio which might be a viable solution. I forget how they control the device, but I thought they had a way to select songs without a mobile device so this might be what you are looking for

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