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Blind guy looking for solid simple receiver

Hi all, brand new here, specifically joined to ask this question, thanks much for any feedback.
I lost my sight ten years ago to diabetes, and I haven't purchased an AV receiver since 96, a Sony that is still going strong, but is sadly outdated.
I am purchasing an Apple TV box, because it allows the blind to navigate it as it talk to you and reads out loud the text on screen in menus, Netflix items, etc.
However, I need a receiver with HDMI in, and I am completely baffled at the amount of choices out there.
I have a good set of speakers, Polk TTs 550, if I remember the model number correctly, which I'm sure I don't, but they were about $800 for the pair and a 8 inch sub, and I love them.
I am looking for suggestions for a solid receiver for AV, as I'll be getting a HD TV to go along with it for my sighted guests and the kids to watch TV.
However, I do not need all the bells and whistles, in fact a receiver with a volume knob, 3 HDMI inputs, and simple buttons on the front would be ideal. No need for network access, Pandora built in and all that.
I also would like to keep the cost less than $750 if possible.
I realize that going with sub components, i.e. a receiver to a power amp would be the best as far as sound quality, and I'm down with that if I can keep the price reasonable.
Any help as far as component suggestions or review sites etc. would be greatly appreciated.
Thanks much for your time, and if you know any visually impaired folks out there, I own a gaming site for the blind, I'd be happy to show it to them, we have a lot of fun on there, as all the games are played over the internet against other players.
May your day be interesting.
Che Martin

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You might want to check out the Marantz NR1403. It's a 5.1 receiver with five HDMI inputs and 50WPC. Audio Advisor has them for $399.99.

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