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Bi-wiring questions


Hi everyone,


I was hoping that you could could give a newbie (ok, a returnee) to the audiophile world a bit of advice on bi-wiring speakers for two-channel music playback. My questions are the following:


1. To bi-wire from an amp that has only one set of speaker outputs for each channel, is there any issue with having two runs of cable, one with banana plugs and one with spades to facilitate the connection to the amp? I once tried to bi-wire with two runs that had spades, and it was all but impossible to get a good connection with two spades jammed under one binding post. They frequently came loose. So, I was assuming one banana and one spade would work fine. Am I correct?


2. I'm looking at purchasing the Creek Destiny 2 Integrated Amp, and it has A/B speaker connections. Does it make any sense to attach one speaker run to A and one to B to bi-wire the speakers? Will this be sonically inferior to running both cables from A?


I appreciate your help on this. I did some searches and couldn't find this info. If it's been asked a million times before, I thank you for your patience in reading it again.


Happy New Year to all!


Bill B
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1.  No problem there.  That's a good practical way to connect them.

2.  No, biwire from just one set of connectors (A).

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I bi-wire my speakers by soldering all of the wires from both runs into a single large Audioquest gold-plated spade lug at the amplifier end.

That gives the best possible single connection. I would stick with using a single pair of amplifier terminals.

On the other hand, I would have no problem with using lugs for the bass wiring and banana plugs for the treble wires.

I figure that the peak current demand is greater on the bass side, and the spade lugs give the very best contact, but the difference should be infinitesimal.

What is more important is using the largest possible wire.

I use four runs of #10 Belden wire to each speaker, but #12 is fine as long as you don't go more than 15 feet.

You might be OK with #14 if your speakers have a sensitivity of 90 db per watt or higher, but larger is always better, and speaker wire is pretty cheap at Monoprice.

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