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What is it about an amp taking three days to warm up? After 72 hours the thing goes totally organic.

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Ohh Yeaaa
the M-6000 ;)
One of my biggest wishes is, to have this amplifier. But the M-6000 is so rare.
my congratulations

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Hey, Peter. Do you still own this amplifier? What did you think about it?

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I have 2 M6000, 1 M4000, 1 pair B10, C-06a pre, DA-07 dac. M6000 with some caps changed , plays simmilar to B-10's.
The M6000 is 300wrms continius at 8ohms 20Hz-20kHz per channel and doubled at 4ohms (600wrms)

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I have almost new...with all original papers and packaging...used almost not at all..with unpacked speakers cable provided with the amplifier in 1975...cartboard box..user and service manual. Of course, togeather with c1000. If somebody is interested in any photos of this time capsule or high quality scans of user manual or service manual...send me an email. I will gladly share.

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