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better performance speaker cable


i will be using dali ikon 6v2 fronts
and the rest are dali zensor speakers
my question is i want very good performane speaker cable that will enhance the characteristics of what the speakers are capable of doing
they will be connected to a marantz 7010 amp
at the moment i have blue jeans Belden 5000UE speaker cable would this still work very well with the dalis or is it worth changing the cable thanks

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Those are good cables that will work fine.

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Looking for JPS Labs ultraconductor upgrade

I figured I would post on Stereophile to get some high end advice on my upgrade itch! I want to upgrade the ultraconductor's but the $750 price for the superconductor is a bit rich for my blood right now. Any recommendations? I have a complete Emotiva front end with XPA-2 gen 1 and DAC with T2 speakers. Looking for a bit more richness to the sound. The sound is bit 2 dimensional. Looking for a good bang for the buck. Maybe under $500. Thanks

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Speaker cables

I have used several speaker cables, Transparent, MIT, Audioquest. I bought a set of bi-wired Analysis Plus Black Oval 9s and will probly never buy another cable. Amazing bass response,(which is their claim to fame), and my soundstage seemed to reach past the side walls. And half the price of my MITs. (Music Interface Technology). They are more expensive than what you want to spend, but well worth it. I was amazed. My friend has found 2 single sets on Audiogon and now has his speakers bi-wired.

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System Compatibility

I think this really comes down to system compatibility. I've had some systems where switching from fairly pricey Nordost cable to Blue Jean cables significantly improved the sound. But other systems where higher priced cables made a noticeable positive difference. I would find a local shop that will let you borrow a few different cables to figure out which ones sound better to you and then you can decide whether it's worth the money to switch.

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You may or may not hear a difference. If you try one other cable and compare, how do you tell it's "better", i.e. what are your criteria to determine an improvement? It looks like clearer endpoints will help here. It likely comes down to preference, in the end.

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