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Better for me than the Focal CMS50s? And what sub?


If there's a magnetically shielded, Class AB powered speaker with no bigger footprint than the Focal CMS50s but with hands down better sound, please tell me before I buy these! Even if twice their price, I won’t mind.

I need a pair of very small (11.75” x  8”  x  8”) audiophile quality powered speakers just for enjoying my CDs and FLAC file downloads. They should have a superb midrange, airy, natural highs (not bright or hissy) and a properly defined bottom.

But I'd gladly sacrifice low end depth and character for the other two IF there's an absolutely first class 8” to 11" powered sub that fits the CMS50s (or your suggested better speaker) as seamlessly as a $500. glove. Magnetically shielded too, please.

Of course, I considered the Focal powered sub but I have a bias (yes a pun) against digital amplifiers. So which, if any, speaker (s) better meets all my criteria than the CMS50s? And what sub (s)? Please advise ASAP!     

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I'd try the airmotiv 5 for $600/pair and if

after 30 days you don't like them you can return them for a full purchase price refund. The new Emotiva X-Ref 10 subwoofer I think would mate well with the airmotiv speakers.

Unless you use a CRT television or monitor, magnetic shielding is unnecessary.

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