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better amp than my Sonic Impact T-AMP? Suggestions?

Hello. Long ago I bought a tiny and cheap Class "T" amplifier called the T-AMP by Sonic Impact. Last week I took it out for a test with some bookshelf speakers and compared it with bigger amplifiers I have and I was astonished as to how great the T-AMP sounded in comparison with the others. The instruments sound cleaner, more accurate and most of all, the SOUNDSTAGE it provided was many times better than the other amplifiers. I closed my eyes and every "old" song came as "new" because of the great stereo separation. I KNOW every stereo recording should provide a good separation and soundstage in which you can "hear" the piano on the left, guitar on the right, bass on the right but closer to the center, etc. etc BUT the T-AMP did that work way better than the others.
My question is: Can you give me any recommendation of an amplifier that could bring me better sound, better soundstage, and overall better in all aspect than the T-AMP? My budget limit is up to US$2500 for an amp and for an integrated AMP/PREAMP RECEIVER US$5000 though it doesn't to be that price I could be lower. I'm just looking for something really better than my T-AMP within said budget. P.S. It's incredible I'm talking about a $40 amp! Thank you very much!

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