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Best way to run cable to dual post speakers

My venerable Alon II's have dual posts - LF and MF/HF. Any difference between running dual cables direct from amp to both, or a single cable to LF, then bridge to MF/HF post from that post?

Thanks for info.

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Either will work

Whether or not you can hear any difference is up in the air. You can even run the black to the LF and the red to the HF in the opposite corner...caddy-corner, so to speak, and use the jumpers. Audioquest and Kimber both make their own jumpers and some say they can hear a difference. I'm sure others are making their own jumpers as well.

You can even use different amps for the highs and the lows. Some people like to use solid state on the lows and tubes on the highs. If you have an integrated with two sets of speaker outputs and can run both at the same time, you can run separate cables to the highs and lows that way. Just keep in mind that in some instances you will need jumpers and in some instances you will need to remove them.  

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I find that the quality of

I find that the quality of the jumpers that come with speakers in my budget can degrade the sound. I bi-wire my speakers if they are bi-wireable. When I bi-wire I always remove the jumpers. I use Audioquest Rocket 44 cables which are internally bi-wired. In this way I have one pair of bananas at the amp end and two pair of bananas for the speakers. They are very easy to use especially with amps that only have one set of speaker terminals. There are of course other cable brands that can be used and are internally bi-wired.  

Some folks make their own jumpers. If you are using a cable without termination or easily removed termination a few inches of the cable can be removed and used as jumpers. Some of the ready made jumpers seem expensive to me. Mapleshade and AntiCables both have reasonably priced copper jumpers.

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