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Best Stereo Amp and pre pro for Klipsch Speakers


I'm working on building out the electronics portion of a good two channel system. I currently havve Klipsch RF-7 II speakers and I am looking for a good amp, pre-pro, and dac with 24bit / 192 asynchronous USB. I'm looking to spend approximately 5,000 for electronics, which put macintosh above what i was hoping to spend.


I've listened to a few good amps but am torn between the Peach Grand pre or integrated, Simaudio 340i / amps, Bel canto Amps, Arcam amps and the 851 system from cambridge audio. One thing to note is that i need the pre-pro or the amp to have a home theater bypass mode so i can pass the gain from my AV receiver to the main speakers when not doing two channel listening. 


Any advice would be really helpful. 


I was thinking of doing the grand pre or the Cambridge Audio 851C and then looking for a good amp opposed to going with the integrated approach, but a dealer let me try the simaudio 340i and it sounds great, just looking for something a little warmer to balance the highs of the klipsch (looked into a bunch of speakers, B&W 803, PSB synchrony ones, Dynaudio confidence..., but ultimately liked the forwardness and clarity of the klipsch, i just want to balance out the highs a little better)


Thanks in advance,


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While the units you have listed have their positive attributes

I have found that there is a lot of value in direct marketed products. You can try them out in your own room with your own equipment and return them if you don't like them and are only out return shipping.

I would consider the Emotiva XSP-1 preamp (it has HT bypass) and a pair of Emotiva XPA-1 power amps. Plenty of robust neutral power for those high sensitivity Klipsch's and a feature rich preamp. For a DAC I would look no further than the Schiit Gungnir USB DAC. All units fully differential balanced.

You would likely have to spend at least $7,500 to match the performance and quality of these items.

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