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Best reviews for an audio product.

Read the reviews of this Denon cable at the bottom of the page. You'll die laughing:
Read the additional reviews, I think there is a cult following.

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You'll die laughing

Not too bad. Even if obviously written by some denizen from Hydrogen Audio, or Audio Kharma, or DIY Audio or Audio Circle, or....


Geoff Kait
Machina Dramatica

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Yeah, dying here...

I guess if I was buying that cable I'd be pretty pissed off. In light of all of the flat-earthers that crap on the high-end daily, it does a greater disservice to the industry by perpetuating bullshit. Thanks to those 'comedians' for de-valuing the truth, or at least the pursuit of it. Further proof that everyone and anyone will jam a dildo in their ass for their 15 minutes of fame. I wish they all were lemmings.

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LMFAO! Glotz

I fell out when I read that. hilarious.

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Someone must have been

Someone must have been smoking some interesting stuff when they wrote that

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best review...

outta go to Emotiva UPA 1's. ive never heard a bad review about em. i own a pair and think  they are pretty good too.

Doctor Fine
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I don't use them anymore

I don't know what all the fuss is about.  I replaced these long ago with a more expensive cable that the salesman said was way better.

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That was fantastic

That was fantastic