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Best pre/power amplifier for Mirage M8 Bipolar speakers

Hey guys,

So, as you might surmise, I'm currently looking for a suitable pre-amp and power amplifier for my Mirage M8 Bipolar speakers.

Initially, I was dissuaded from employing tube-based amplification due to the rather specific driving requirements of the Mirage bi-polars (any thoughts?); I've thus narrowed my choice of solid-state amplifiers to two brands: NAD and ROTEL.

As the two brands have comparable equipment at relatively similar price ranges, what are your thoughts on which would best drive the (apparently) fastidious Mirage M8's?

Furthermore, does my possession of bi-polar speakers absolutely preclude tube-based amplification?


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My experience

I've had some mid 1990s Rotel amps since then... four 980 BX s 125 wpc that are bridgable to 260 wt (I think) in mono.  Its my understanding that these were some of the best amps Rotel built by an earlier designer.  In fact, when he left Rotel I understand at least one high end store near Cincinnati stopped carrying their differently designed replacements as the new designs developed after these didn't measure up to that price range's competition.  One of my 980BXs I bought new (with a matching preamp) and its held up to my memorex moments ALOT.  When I went to surround sound I bought 3 more on eBay (at 1/6 the new price) and they were all fine.  I also bought a 200 wpc 990BX (not bridgable) on eBay designed by the same earlier designer and its been fine too.  I drive Vandersteens with em.

I haven't listened to very many other amps in this category... but I have liked these.



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