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Best headphones under 200 euros

I am looking for the best headset available under 200 euros. What matters for me the most is sound quality (balanced, detailed, wider frequency response, good bass) and suitable for mobile devices. Over-ear or on-ear type - no earbuds.

Not Insane
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Sounds crazy, but...

I discovered these a few years ago and bought five pair (they were on sale at the time. I normally used Sennheisers in my home recording studio and still have an excellent pair of Koss Pro 4AA's that I picked up in the 1970's, but these things are amazing. They don't work in my studio because they are not closed back. You can hear the signal when a vocalist steps up to a studio mic.

But for everything else they are simply amazing (and I think they are better than the Sennheisers, sound and comfort wise). The first time I put them on I thought I had left my subwoofer on - but I hadn't. They are so light and comfortable that I can wear them all day at work - or at home. They are "over ear" so both the lightness and design contribute to the comfort.

The thing that will put you off them is their price: $22. But if you are willing to take that kind of risk, you really need to give them a try:

BTW, they were on sale for $17 when I got mine.

And yes, I think they are the best sounding headphones I've ever heard for under $200.

Rawson Tom
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I wish.....

I wish we have a got one a low price like that

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