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Best ever investment

I have owned a set of Dynaudio Contour 20s on original stands for about a year. Since I have wished for an amp from a certain manufacturer since 1972 when they began, and since I finally was able to afford one 5 days ago, I made the leap and bought it.

It's an Accuphase E-370, it's not cheap, but dang, was it worth it!

This combo play my socks right off, and the amazing level of crisp details, the speed, the imaging, the coherence, the fidelity, plus the extreme grip it has got on my speakers makes me dance around wearing the biggest grin ever!

I am aware this amp is ridiculously expensive in the US, but if you're considering an upgrade, do yourself a favor and listen to it if you can.
I've never heard a system in a private home that has enchanted me this much.

I plan an upgrade with an Accuphase DAC-50 and perhaps a REL Ti7 or 5 subwoofer later on.

Apart from the mentioned gear, my sources are a NAS, a modded Luxman PD121 from 1978 w/ Denon DL103R, and an Oppo udp203.

Cables are Pangea power cables, Nordost Blue Heaven & Chord Shawline RCA interconnects, Chord HDMI, and Chord Epic XL speaker cables.

Earphones are Shure SRH840, but they too will be replaced by some kind of Focal head-fi soon. Not yet decided which model.

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