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Best budget speakers???

I am by no means an audiophile - and don't have much experience with home stereos. Hoping to find some suggestions for solid set of main speakers. I am looking to keep them around $200-400/pr I will use them about 70% movies 30% music. It was suggested, and fits my budget to buy a Pioneer VSX 815k reciever to power them. With ripping me too bad for my ignorance - anyone want to help??

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Re: Best budget speakers???

If there is an NHT dealer near by, you might give the new Classic line a listen, or perhaps the outgoing SB series.

I have a pair of SB3's in one system, and a new pair of AZ's (Absolute Zero's) in another.

The SB3's have ample bass, and can be used w/o a sub. Since they are being discontinued, I expect you can find them at the price point you are discussing. The SB3 has been favorably reviewed in Stereophile.

The AZ's would need a sub, so you would want to step up at least to the Classic 2's. I have not heard those, but they are said to be voiced like the AZ's, but with better low end extension.

In general, the Classic have a bit more detail then the SB's, and do great things with soundstage width and depth. On top of that, they all have a beautiful piano black finish.

Take a look through the last couple years of Stereophile...Robert Reina has done a great series of reviews of budget loudspeakers.


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