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Best Blue tooth wireless with TWS for under @ $100.00

We have an ice cream cafe that is set up as (depending on your age) a retro style cafe (checker floor, wrought iron framed chairs, etc.).

We are looking for a sound solution that is relatively inexpensive and requires minimal to no wires being ran.
We have a standard residential type receiver/amp that we can plug a Bluetooth transmitter into the headphone jack and transmit to wireless speakers.
WE were kind of trying to stay with the retro theme, and were looking at the Tewell Retro Rock Bluetooth speakers, but can not find out who actually manufactures them to find out if they support TWS.

That being said, does anyone have any recommendations for an alternate set of bluetooth speakers that support TWS, are AC powered and have a retro feel to them?
would even consider flush mount speakers (i.e. are put in the ceiling or wall).

One thing we don't like about the small TWS speakers is the loss of bass.
For reference, this is the speaker we were looking at.

Any feedback or info would be greatly appreciated.


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