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best ampo to use

hi all

i have the dali ikon 6 v2 and dali zensor 7 dali vokal centre and 4 atmos dali dc1 upfiring speakers
dali zensor 1 and a crown 102 amp and using a sony x800 i will be using 2 svs pc2000 subs and 2 Bic Acoustech PL-200 II Subwoofer and a
miniDSP 2x4
for using 4 subs i will be using blue jeans cables

i will be using dali ikon 6 v2 as fronts dali zensor 7 as rears dali vokal centre dali zensor 1s as additional rears and the 4 dali c1 atmos as atmos effects

my question is what would be the better partner the marantz 7010 or the denon 4400
what would be the better for all out action blockbuster movies overall with this setup

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I recommend the Cambridge Audio CXR120 receiver, which IMO sounds better than even the Marantz 7010, which is quite good.

It normally goes for $2399, but Audio Advisor is now selling it for $1499.

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The SR7010

The SR7010 is a slightly dated model. Are you looking in the user market? Really good deals right now on the 7011 since Marantz just intro'd the new line.

Reality is Denon and Marantz have very similar sound profiles. Marantz is a hair warmer than Denon but in the end, they are made by the same company. They have the same GUI and you can use the Denon or Marantz App to control Denon or Marantz equipment. Those Dali speakers are relatively easy to drive at reference levels so both have way more power than you need.

Questions you should answer: Which has the preferred feature set? They are very similar and might be identical as they have the same version of Audyssey which is super important. Do you like the slightly warmer sound profile of Marantz vs. a dead neutral sound profile of Denon? This is a personal choice and there is no objective "better."

I have owned multiple Marantz and Denon receivers, power amps and pre/pros in the past (lost several in a divorce) and for the money, you will struggle to beat them in multi-channel. If your speaker layout is good (see Dolby and THX reccos) and you run Audyssey, either of those receivers should deliver sound that is superior to most movie theaters and as good if not better tan really well designed theaters like an iMAX.

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