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Beginning speaker setup

I have had a pair of audiophile grade headphones for about 6 months now, but, now that I am starting to get into vinyl, I think having a proper speaker setup would be good. I am looking to spend around $500 on a pair of speakers and amplifier if necessary. I'm looking at having bookshelf speakers because I would not only need to have them in the same space were my current setup is, my home office, but also so they can be used with my computer when I want to. My only condition besides price is that I would prefer a tube amp and it needs to have a headphone output as well. I was thinking the Little Dot Mk II. Also, bass is not of utmost importance because I'll probably buy a dedicated sub later down the line. While I'm posting here, completely separate topic but, I also need a new phono preamp for my turntable. I got the Fluance Rt81 so it has a built in phono but I'd like to get a dedicated one for $100 - $150, tube or solid state. Thank you for any help!

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