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Baux Acoustic Panels?


I've been looking for sound absorbing treatment for the wall behind my listening couch, with an eye for something that will fit the decor of my room. I've found Baux Acoustic Panels, which seem to fit the bill:

However, does it look like these would work well for a music setup - or are they mostly meant for commercial / office use? Looking at the absorption coefficient plot (through the above link) they seem to work mostly in the 500hz+ range, is that typical for sound absorbing panels? Just want to be sure that these will be suited for a music setup.

Thank you!

Kal Rubinson
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You need to relate "typical"

You need to relate "typical" to mass and thickness. These panels have a absorption peak at 2000 and they fall off above and, quite steeply, below that frequency. That may mitigate the sibilant noises of conversation in an office or public space but it will have little useful effect for music because of its narrow bandwidth. At less than 1/2" inch thickness, that is not surprising.

Most common useful acoustic panels for music room treatment are at least 2" thick and getting lower frequencies requires even greater thickness. Take a look at the offerings from GIK, AcoustiMac, ASC, ATS, RealTraps, etc. and read their supporting pages to get a better idea of what works.

Of course, if you like the looks of these Baux Hexagons, there is no reason you cannot cover most plain panels with them.

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