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Battery-powered amplifier

I listen to music via a pair of "monitor-style" speakers, 50 Hz - 16,000 Hz. Sensitivity = 86 db, which is less sensitive than full-size speakers. I listen at a fairly quiet level.

I want to drive these speakers with a battery-powered amplifier of "Class D" quality. I vacation in a cabin in the woods, so the amplifier will be powered by a 12V, 22 AH battery that will also be supplying a 12W Philips LED-bulb table lamp (light equivalent to 65W incandescent).

I would prefer that the 12V battery-powered amplifier operate in "class C" or "class D" switching mode, so that the idle current drawn from the 12 battery is 0.5 amp or less.


All I've ever seen reviewed in Stereophile (years ago) is battery-powered headphone amplifier -- used on an airplane flight with Grado headphones.

Any ideas would be greatly appreciated!

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